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Proud | Dog Bow Tie

We created the Proud bow tie to celebrate the fact that everyone has the right to love unconditionally.

Our dog bow ties are the best option for those “James Bond moments” where your dog needs to be a Sir or a Lady. Our dog bow ties are made of soft polyester and amazing prints. They all come with a discrete elastic band on the back, through which the collar slides seamlessly and attaches easily to the collar. Slide it to the front to use as a dog tie or to the sides/back to use as a bow.

  • Length
  • Small2 in
  • Large4 in


  • Can be used as a Bow Tie or a Lace
  • Attaches easily to any collar
  • Collar is sold separately
  • Perfect for those "James Bond Moments"
  • Soft Polyester

Size tutorial

Size Chart Mobile for Proud | Dog Bow Tie Size Chart for Proud | Dog Bow Tie

No measuring tape? No worries.

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